When value matters

A longer life expectancy and aging population lead to the fact that every third of us are affected by cancer. For future cancer treatment, it will be crucial, that new, more effective medicines become available faster than today and that they can be personally combined with existing treatments – in hope of even more valuable health care. The quality of life of a patient must be the driver when decision of the treatments are made. In the end, it is also beneficial to the pharmaceutical industry and to the society that benefit when valuable based health care are adopted.

Way to success is RWE

My employer Oriola has just launched company purpose ‘Health for life’. All of our activities are guided by the purpose and our passion for building solutions to support the health and wellbeing. A school book example how we walk the talk, is our Real World Evidence (RWE) studies, where Real World Data (RWD) collected from national registers is combined with patient reported outcome (PRO). Patient reported outcomes, collected through Oriola´s nation-wide research pharmacy network and in collaboration with patient organizations, plays a key role in creating a reliable full picture of the value for treatment. The RWE studies’ outcomes offer unique evidence for health care industry and society’s decision making on available and valuable treatments.

New cancer study targets to enhance quality of life

An illness is always an individual experience. So are the medical treatments that affect us as individuals. The Real World Evidence studies are the key to find cost efficient and valuable treatments that support patient’s quality of life and society’s affordable medical expenditure.

A new scientific cancer study, done in cooperation with National Institute of Health and Wellbeing, Association of Cancer Patients in Finland and Oriola, takes a comprehensive look at the total costs and at the value of cancer treatment with patient centric approach.

The cancer study pilots the new study design where data from national registers (RWD) will be linked with patient-reported outcomes (PRO) and quality of life (QoL) reports. At this point the research pharmacies play a crucial role in contacting the cancer patients at the pharmacy and empowering the patients to share their view on their treatment. As an outcome, the study brings new, long-awaited evidence based information that also includes the patient perspective.

You will get a deep dive to our RWE studies by visiting our booth at Finland pavilion at HIMMS on Thursday 13 June at 14:15. Welcome!


The blog is written by

Heli Salminen-Mankonen
Ph.D, Adjunct Professor, eMBA,
Team Lead of Real World Evidence,