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Healthcare needs explainable human-in-the-loop AI

Healthcare is a data-heavy and extremely risk-averse industry where predictions and outcomes are at the core of the present-state actions and decisions. Could there be a more suitable ground for machine learning?

Our company Silo.AI is extremely happy to participate in the European Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference that brings world-class healthcare technology experts together. We offer human-centered AI services and solutions around the world with our team of AI experts — the largest group in the Nordics.

Digitalization fuels megatrends in healthcare

As the healthcare digitalization moves forward, we expect to see a tremendous growth in machine learning, computer vision and natural language processing solutions emerging. McKinsey estimates over 240 billion euros of annual savings from utilizing AI in healthcare systems and services. Utilizing these technologies is getting easier, as Accenture expects over 40% annual growth in the Healthcare AI market by 2021.

The biggest trends in healthcare, such as precision care and personalized medicine, are already leveraging the latest data analytics strategies, and machine learning is a natural next step for developing systems capable of intelligent reasoning and decision-making support. Machine learning will also be prominent in such data driven areas such as pharma, clinical trials and the development of new drugs.

In the future AI will become an integral part of surgery, as AI augmented surgery is predicted to be one of the largest sectors in healthcare to truly get AI embedded into the work flows by 2026 (Accenture). At HIMSS, we’ll be sharing more about our experience with AI augmented surgery at the Finland Pavilion stage.

For the most part, the impact of AI will not just cover new trends such as robotics or virtual surgery separately, but will extend and evolve into being a vital part of the core cognitive and diagnostic work in healthcare.

Human-in-the-loop AI for healthcare

The role of AI in healthcare will be to support the healthcare personnel in decision-making. We at Silo.AI build Human-in-the-loop artificial intelligence that is intended to elevate healthcare professionals from the current manual work to higher-value tasks. We either work as an integral part inside our clients organization, bringing high-skill expertise to the client’s specific field, or design and implement custom-made AI solutions that become a seamless part of the client’s work and processes.

Understanding how the care path is arranged is the starting point at building any machine learning solution. The ultimate value of the learning AI system comes from the feedback given by the healthcare professionals as they validate or reject the AI models’ proposals. This way, the knowledge from various professionals is captured, building a continuous learning loop that will benefit the whole care chain and improve customer satisfaction.

Decision-making has to be based on explainable AI

Even human-in-the-loop AI solutions need to be able to produce transparent output. Although humans are the ultimate decision-makers, in many cases like in diagnosing and identifying cancer cells from MRI data, it is important to understand how AI reaches the conclusion resulting in its suggestion. The healthcare professionals need to be aware of the data points that lead to the suggested diagnosis so that they can either validate or reject it.

Our machine learning experts focus on building explainable AI. Much of the model developing work and training is being done leveraging various explaining techniques, which help expose the logic behind the model’s neural networks.

Various healthcare sectors can benefit from artificial intelligence. Whether you have an internal data science team and need specific PhD level guidance on some technology in particular, or you’d like to get started on AI, Silo.AI can help you. We’re showcasing our concrete healthcare cases on the first day of HIMSS at 13:45 in the Finland Pavilion stage.

Don’t forget to come and learn about AI in healthcare at out booth 6h49 in the Finland Pavilion anytime during the event days on June 12–13.


The blog is written by Anna Nykänen, Business Development, Healthcare

Silo.AI is the largest private Artificial Intelligence lab in the Nordics that builds AI as a service. The company serves clients on four different continents, including central banks, financial institutions, heavy industry, airlines, maritime and healthcare. Silo.AI believes strongly in a future of human-centered artificial intelligence and builds “Human-in-the-loop” AI solutions to provide strategic assets to the core business in a measurable, safe and explainable way.